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About Us

AlphaSine Electronics Private Limited is a manufacturer of energy efficient fans and lighting systems. The company has been established by alumni from prestigious institutions like IITs and IIM with a mission to make our planet more energy sustainable. It is our vision to bring the latest technological and energy efficient devices especially in fans and lighting systems.AlphaSine Electronics is using the permanent magnet motor technology to introduce India's most energy efficient fans. Using the permanent magnet motor technology, AlphaSine is looking to drive the revolution towards highly energy efficient devices in India. AlphaSine Electronics is also introducing smart lighting systems which uses a combination of sensors and LEDs to not only make the lighting systems more energy efficient but also create a unique experience for our customers

More Details

Electroy, a consumer electronics brand launched by AlphaSine Electronics Private Limited is driving innovation in marketing the latest technological and energy efficient fans and lighting systems. Electroy aims to become the most trusted consumer electronics brand across India. Launched in 2018, Electroy is bringing in a revolution to make our planet sustainable by introducing India's most energy efficient fans and smart lighting systems.

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