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Drive Into the New Age with Our Electric Vehicles Powertrains

Product Features

Ultra High Energy Efficiency

Our PMSM machines have extremely high efficiency. Our motors and controllers have a combined efficiency of more than 90%. This provides the advantage of extending the range of the EV and also reduces the total cost of operations.

High Power and Torque Density

Our motor and controller with a high power to weight ratio leads to lower weight of the machine which leads to extended range and a more compact EV. With high peak torques the motor can provide sufficient acceleration capability to the EV.

Rugged and High Reliability

Our PMSM machines are extremely rugged and can be operated in the most demanding conditions. With built in thermal protections & high Ingress Protection (IP) improves reliability, increases the vehicle running time & enables easy maintenance.

Low Torque Ripple

With our unique Field Oriented Control and Sinusoidal waveform, our motor and controller has the lowest cogging torque and torque ripples. This reduces the jerkiness of the vehicle and improves the passenger comfort. 


Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

Operating Voltage: 48V

Rated Power: 1 kW and 1.2 kW

Rated Torque: 3Nm and 4Nm

Rated RPM: 3100

Motor Efficiency: 91%

IP Grade: 67

Built in Thermal Protection

Motor Controller

Operating Voltage: 48V

Max Power Rating: 1.4 kW

Controller Efficiency: 99%

IP Grade: 67

Built in Over-Current Protection

Built in Thermal Protection

Regenerative Braking enabled

CAN Protocol enabled

Controller Rendition.png
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