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Electric Rickshaw and Electric Bike Shaft Motor

Sustainable Electric Motors and Intelligent Drives

Ultra-High Efficiency Electric Motor Systems for Automotive, Industrial and Motion Control Applications

A Paradigm Shift in Electric Prime Movers

Introducing electric vehicles powertrains and electric prime movers with industry leading efficiencies and high power density without compromising on reliability and passenger comfort

High Energy Efficiency 

Ultra high-efficiencies ensures extended range in Electric Vehicles and lower operating costs

Rugged and High Reliability

With built in thermal protections & high Ingress protections improves reliability

High Power and Torque Density 

Lower weight of the motor and controller for high power and torque leads to extended range

Lower Torque Ripple

Extremely low torque ripple reduces jerkiness and improves passenger comfort

Electronic Circuit

Integrated Power Electronics.
Built-In Artificial Intelligence.

Application Across Industries

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Electric Vehicles Powertrains

noun_industrial robotic hand_4092150_edited_edited.png

Industrial Automation


Aerospace & Defence

noun_Air Conditioner_2565859_edited_edited.png

Air Conditioning Systems

noun_solar panel_3385229_edited_edited.png

Off-grid Solar Appliances

Laser Cutting

Building a Culture of Innovation and Manufacturing Excellence


Our Promise for a Sustainable and Circular Economy

Recycled Plastic

Our Partners

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