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Passionate About Driving Innovation

Electric Powertrains that provide exceptional performance in a compact form while being cost effective 

Highest Performance

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Cost Effectiveness

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A Game  Changer

Image by Mika Baumeister

Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors

PMSM Machines are much more efficient with lower torque ripple and smooth operation compared to the BLDC motors. PMSM also has higher power density reducing the overall weight and size of the motor thus providing better performance in an electric vehicle

noun_energy saving_929080_edited.png
High Efficieny
Low Torque Ripple
High Power Density

Highest Performance Levels across the Full Speed Range.

Extended Battery Range.

TorqueEfficiency Map.png
Image by Alexandre Debiève

A Generational Leap in Control Technology

PMSM Controllers employ Field Oriented Control while BLDC motor controllers have a typical 6 step commutation

noun_Sine Wave_3629639_edited.png

FOC with Sinusoidal Waveform


Smoother Ride with Low Motor Noise Level due to Lower Torque Ripples 

noun_no power_4155811_edited.png

Lower Power Losses due to Minimal Harmonics 


Optimised Output Torque due to Addition of MTPA Algorithm and Reluctance Torque

Above the Clouds

Regenerative Braking 

Recharging of the vehicles battery while braking extends the range of the vehicle

noun_cloud phone_3844563_edited.png

IOT enabled for Real Time Data

Can be integrated with cloud based monitoring and Artificial Intelligence to assess vehicle and driver behaviour

noun_Charging Battery_4156468_edited.png

A Built in Layer of Advanced Features

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