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Are We Swiping Left on Energy Conservation

Face it, we have all made the ‘save the planet earth’ posters at school, winced at the plastic waste clogging our neighborhood sewers and indulged in cookie cutter conversations about saving energy before the planet has a hissy fit and serves us a resignation. We all know that even in the distant future, no energy saving gadget will save the planet, more than just switching off the damn light before we scoot to the next room.

In short the energy conservation preachers, or random do-gooders, have become equivalent to your mom’s incessant nagging to ‘eat your greens’. We get it. We are trying, but it’s getting harder not to swipe left your pestering green behind.

So when the ‘let’s make a difference’ to the environment conversations have dwindled and the posters to save the trees have been stuffed in the bin. We find ourselves tucked in our double blanket with the air conditioning on polar region mode and the conserve energy gingle is becomes white noise. All this while our planet continues to suffocate. In short, the do-gooders are correct. Given that we know this, do we need a new game plan? One that isn't focused only on saving by switching off. Yes we do.

We can’t depend on only energy conservation to pacify our long-suffering planet. We need a better plan a smarter more efficient one. It’s time to upgrade our everyday appliances; you know the fans and the lights that run on old clunky technology. Let’s ditch the old incandescent bulbs for new LED lights and the fan, the one that’s been around since generations running on the same energy guzzling motors. It needs to go. We need to replace its tired wings with a spiffy energy saving BLDC fan.

If you couldn't give a toss about our planet, I know you are out there, hiding in your cubbyhole, windows down and your system up. Then I am sure you care about deflating your monthly electricity bill. In exchange for an extra Martini or two of course. You too can junk those old appliances and upgrade to the new energy saving appliances.

To save the planet and our pocket, let’s work hard and smart. Let’ switch to smart energy efficient appliances.

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