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The Promise Of Our Sustainable Business Model

Image courtesy of Michael Austin

A resource efficient electric motor drive system is the keystone that will enable our sustainable march towards progress and development.

Alphasine Technologies started in 2019 to work on ultra high efficiency motors and controllers for applications like powertrains, motion control and actuation systems. The industries we want to serve are Electric Mobility, Industrial Automation, Medical Technology, Aerospace & Defence, Industrial Machinery and HVAC systems.

Motors, controllers and gearboxes form the core components of drive systems, which are today the most critical parts of any mechanised system or machine. As our world leaps and advances into a cleaner and greener future a sustainable drive system will be the key to our progress.

Look around you. Touch any product and it would in all likelihood be either manufactured or transported to you in equipment that has an electric drive system. Think of any machine and it would most probably have an intelligent drive system involved in some part of the overall system. Fans, pumps, compressors, industrial machinery, medical surgical equipment, satellites, rockets and now even increasingly our vehicles. It is no wonder that almost 50% of the global electricity consumption is by electric motors and this is only expected to increase further.

Making these electric drive systems sustainable and ultra efficient is thus a critical part of our mission to combat climate change and global warming. It is our mission to design, develop and manufacture electric drive systems, which are not only highly energy efficient and thus consume lower energy during its lifetime of operation but are also manufactured sustainably. We thus look at the product from a complete supply chain perspective and see how we can reduce the energy impact of the drive system throughout its life cycle from design to scrap. We thus look at resource efficiency.

The key guiding principle that forms a core part of our business model is the concept of sustainability and circular economy. It is our vision to be able to manufacture our complete electric drive systems from 100% recycled materials. An integral part of our service offering will be the take back option. Consumers can offer their motors and controllers back to us once they reach their end of life and we will re-use and recycle all the material. Our products will be designed thus not only for ease of manufacturing but also for ease of disassembly and recycling. This will also help create a broader ecosystem that will further create a virtuous cycle for sustainable business models in the global economy.

We are working at the intersection of material sciences, mechanical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering and computer science. We are driven by a passion for innovation and driving meaningful change in the world. We invite you to be a part of this journey.

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